Friday, February 24, 2017

Busy Carnival Season

Triple Comuses
Downman House on Friday afternoon flying three Comus flags. Krewe D'Etat is basically Comus

Sorry that makes for light posting until the big photo dump comes along at some point. The weather has been fantastic and we've been at every Uptown parade so far. This morning we were up early and hungover to load our float for Sunday.  I've got some notes on all the parades I'll post later if I'm not too exhausted. Very quickly though.

1) Even though Nyx is much more generous with the throws, Muses is still a better parade. Prettier floats, better staging, more interesting things to look at. Most of all, a funnier, satirical theme.

The Grump

2) What's up with every satirical parade being obsessed with Mike Yenni? It's just not that interesting compared to other stuff going on around town.


3) Last night, Alli found a cart vendor selling something called "Korean Jambalya" and it is amazing!

Korean Jambalaya

Anyway, more later. I gotta go get ready for D'Etat.  I am given to understand they have Yenni-themed dancers this year. *sigh*

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