Thursday, February 02, 2017

Thank you for making America Great Again

The sooner we put this ugliness behind us, the better.
The Greenbrier will always represent a complicated chapter in the history of the Saints.

It’s easy to look at the last three seasons, locate the one thing that changed, and immediately point a finger toward it as the source of everything wrong with the organization. That thing happens to be The Greenbrier.
Look, we know Greenbrier isn't the reason the team has been mediocre. It's insulting that Underhill takes our jokes about this at face value. But that's nothing new for him.

Fans like to do little things like this for fun because in real life we are adults who understand how stupid our entertainments actually are.  Some of us are old enough to remember, for instance, the mid-aughts when we began paying such close attention to the Curse Of The Black Pants that a study was commissioned. In 2013, we convinced ourselves that the key to success could be found at the bottom of a box of Popeyes and that won us a road playoff game.  It also gave us an excuse to eat a lot of delicious fried chicken. Which is nice.

Anyway, apart from the better weather, it's hard to understand why they've gone through the logistical difficulty of packing up and heading across country for camp. Most NFL teams just do training camp at home now anyway.  More importantly, there's already a fair amount of irrational exuberance for 2017 building  among Saints fans. Ditching Greenbrier will only contribute to that momentum. 

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