Saturday, February 04, 2017


1) New Orleans defense attorney C.J. Mordock for comparing (alleged) graffiti artist (possibly) Reznor to Clay Shaw.
Mordock pointed out that police have a circumstantial case at best, since no one has been able to positively identify his client as the tagger. He also called the $100,000 bail “punitive” and said he will seek to have it reduced in the coming week.

“Any attempt to paint my client as the tagger ‘Reznor’ is the 21st century equivalent of trying Clay Shaw for the assassination of John F. Kennedy,” Mordock said. 
2) Tracey's bar owner Jeff Carraras for... well for being a dang American hero.
Jeff Carraras once received a call from a woman asking to rent out Tracey's, his bar, for a Falcons watch party. The lady said she wanted to bring 75 people to the Irish Channel bar. Jeff quoted a ridiculously high price for a Falcons takeover.

The lady agreed. He still said no.
Tomorrow the Falcons are playing the Patriots in what is almost certain to be the Least Cared About Superbowl in History. The matchup is such a perfect way to finish out the 2016 football year, though, that one might be forgiven for thinking such things are "rigged," as Donald Trump might say. 

Trump and, well, the age of Trump, looms over the game like it does everything else. That's appropriate. Sports are basically current events and as such have always been inextricable from politics. Roger Goodell, naturally, claims to believe differently.  But Roger Goodell is an asshole. 

Anyway I figure of all the bad ramifications from either unlikable team winning this game, having to put up with gloating Falcons fans forever is worse than seeing Donald Trump momentarily pleased with the outcome of one football game.  Meanwhile, compare the sort of good possible outcome where we get to watch Goodell have to suck it up and hand the un-deflategated Patriots a trophy with the no good that could possibly come from the Falcons winning and, well, I guess you've got a rooting rationale. Sort of.

Enjoy the Superbowl.  It looks pretty shitty but then again it might be the last one so savor that while you can.

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