Thursday, September 26, 2013

That's one heck of a bounty payment

When they make out the check I hope they at least put something clever, like "Brain Rearch" or something,  in the notes line.
Local government bodies must return more than $500,000 in taxes the National Football League and its affiliates paid on expenses associated with the 2013 Super Bowl, according to city records obtained by The Lens through a public records request.

The city, the Orleans Parish School Board, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority and the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corporation agreed last spring to rebate their share of general sales, hotel-motel and hotel occupancy taxes to the NFL.

Under the agreement, the NFL could claim a rebate for taxes incurred on certain specified expenses between Oct. 1, 2012, and Feb. 10, 2013. Room rates and food and equipment purchases for official Super Bowl events qualified for the exemption. Mini-bar and alcohol purchases did not. The deal set an $800,000 cap on the rebates.
I guess from a certain point of view, we came in around $300,000 under our NFL corporate welfare budget.  So, hey, nice going, guys. Or was that just because the meter stopped running while the lights were off? 

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