Sunday, September 15, 2013

Rising Tide 8 is in the can

Sometimes it doesn't really feel like 8 years.  But then look at all the "vintage" swag that's piled up.

RT Swag

This subversive little blogger meet-up is practically an institution now. You never know who you might see at one of these.

John Georges in danger

You have to credit Georges for showing up at something like this, what with all the "dangerous people" you might run into.  In the interest of keeping the brand out there, though, I gave him a little razz behind his back just after I took this picture.

Don't worry. Other things happened as well.  But instead of sitting here and typing it all out while I'm trying to watch the Saints game, I'll link you over to The Lens where Steve Myers live-blogged the Charter School Accountability panel and also to Uptown Messenger where Robert Morris blogged and shared tweets from attendees throughout the day.

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