Friday, September 13, 2013

It's been fun

The process of undoing the levee board reforms begins today.
A nominating process that is likely to end with the ouster of two prominent supporters of a local levee board’s suit against almost 100 oil and gas companies will get underway Friday as a committee of engineers, academics and policy experts begins poring over a half-dozen applications from those seeking seats on the board.

Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East President Tim Doody and Vice President John Barry, whose terms have expired, each face two challengers seeking their spots on the board. State law requires the nominating committee, which holds its first meeting today, to recommend two people for each slot to Gov. Bobby Jindal.

While several board members have kept their thoughts on the recently filed suit private, the Jindal administration has been sharply critical of it. Administration officials have said a candidate’s support or rejection of the suit — which potentially seeks billions in damages from energy companies for the destruction of coastal wetlands — will be a key factor in the appointments.

To be very clear, the governor has said that the lawsuit is a litmus test. Period,” said Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Chairman Garret Graves, who has been the administration’s chief spokesman in criticizing the lawsuit.
At  least they're up front about whose side they're on. 


Clay said...

The two names to replace Barry could not be worse. One is the president of the Non-flood asset board (which was specifically stripped away for the board to focus on flood protection). The other is the grandson of a politician who racked up $26,000 in ethics violations. Oh yeah, and he has no background in flood control.

Peachy. Just peachy.

Clay said...

Application deadline extended