Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Kopplin v. White

Just another public records lawsuit against the Louisiana State Secretary of Education.

Update: Some freshly tweeted details about the suit.

Last year, Zack Kopplin appeared on this Rising Tide discussion panel about education reform in Louisiana. It was a highlight of the day.

Rising Tide 7 - The Education Experiment - Petri Dish Reform in New Orleans and Louisiana from Jason Berry on Vimeo.

This year's, RT will once again  look at local schools this time from a government accountability perspective. 
Are charter schools in New Orleans more or less responsive to democratic principles than our old School Boards, and how can we address the access and accountability issues for the present and future of New Orleans?

As 80% of our public schools are now Charter Schools, the business of covering charter schools has moved from weekly Parish-wide school board meetings to a variable number of meetings by a much larger number of Boards, which leaves the coverage up to more flexible news organizations like The Lens and Uptown Messenger. Charter schools and these reporters often tussle over the exceptions to open meetings laws, public records requests and other access issues. Do parents have similar issues? What is the parent’s recourse if they are not happy with how their charter school is run?

Did I mention RT is this Saturday?

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