Tuesday, September 03, 2013

What goes around Meaches around

"Meacharound" is a term Wang coined popularized a few years back to describe this play.

The term picks up a new meaning today because. 
The New Orleans Saints have re-signed wide receiver Robert Meachem to a one-year deal, the team announced Tuesday afternoon.

It's not clear who will be released to make room for Meachem, who was released by the San Diego Chargers this past weekend after one disappointing season in San Diego.

It's also not immediately clear what role Meachem will play with the Saints now that young backup receivers Kenny Stills and Nick Toon have emerged as players who look ready to make an impact. But it makes perfect sense for the Saints to at least try and recapture the chemistry that existed when Meachem was a part of their offense from 2007-11.
So that's nice.

Anyway welcome to Falcon Week!  Did we mention the Falcons are terrible? This must have happened somewhere along the line.  But if you need to catch up, try checking out Black and Gold Review today where you can read about it in many many words or in many many animated GIFs

Also the Chronic Podcast is out today. I haven't listened yet but I'm gonna go ahead and recommend it anyway. Just don't get mad at me if you end up getting 20 minutes of background noise followed by some indecipherable nonsense about wrestling.  I'm sure some of it will be good. Give those guys some money. It'll help.

Oh and there's still this thing
The Superdome statue commemorating Steve Gleason's famous blocked punt has a curious omission: only the figure of Gleason, flying through the air and touching the ball with his outstretched fingers has a name and a team a viewer can determine.

The reason: the Atlanta Falcons refused to grant the Saints and sculptor Brian Hanlon permission to use the Falcons' symbol or the punter's name in the piece, titled 'Rebirth,' according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.

The Saints repeatedly sought permission from the Falcons, even urging officials in Atlanta to appeal directly to Falcons owner Arthur Blank, sources said. The Falcons told the Saints that appeal had been made, but it remained unclear if Blank personally forbid the use of the trademarks or if underlings simply brushed aside the request from a division rival.
Whatever, y'all. We know it was you. Everybody saw it. It was on the TV and the internet and stuff.

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