Thursday, September 26, 2013

"There's a liability there"

Graves and Jindal actually want the companies to go scot-free, leaving you and me to pick up a tab that is bound to run into the billions. That’s why they are in the process of scuttling a suit filed by the New Orleans-area levee board seeking damages for the havoc caused by the canals and pipelines that criss-cross Louisiana’s rapidly disappearing marshes.

The reasons they give for doing so lead ineluctably to the conclusion that the board should indeed abandon its lawsuit, but only so the state can seek redress on an even larger scale.

Nobody doubts that oil and gas companies have played a major role in the wetlands destruction that has given storm surge an ever clearer shot at the New Orleans region. Graves himself has said, “I will be the first to admit there’s liability there,” and styles himself “no apologist for the oil and gas industry.” Well, he might as well be.
Welp, mistakes were made.   Too bad nobody has to be accountable.

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1NONewsladder2 said...

Graves Coastal Undertakers.

Koch Suckers Jindal and Graves represent an Existential Threat to South Louisiana. But, when you consider other countries, we're getting off light, or at least slowly, in the execution of their plan. If this weren't America they'd just come in and fucking take it. Oh, wait.... they've done just that! Less land means, well, less state's rights upon which to stand.