Monday, September 30, 2013

Domeland security

Dome TSA

Because I don't have to carry a purse, or an overnight bag, or a random Fed-Ex parcel or any of the other bits of luggage depicted above to the football games nothing in this illustration applies to me. In which case, the big red NO BAG LANE sign would seem pretty inviting.  It doesn't move any faster, though.

The real bottleneck is the metal detector. I realize we're well into fake government fiscal crisis season, but it would help if everybody would remember to take their trillion dollar platinum coins out of their pockets before they get to the wanding area.

On the bright side, I haven't had any trouble getting my flask through the gate this year.  Neither has anyone else, apparently, given the crush of humanity lunging toward the restrooms at halftime.  This photo was from the Atlanta game.  Yes, this is worse than it has been in the past.

Bathroom line chaos

Other Dome facts of note this season:

The Terrace, long a no-frills hot dog and "walking taco" wasteland,  now has some of the fancier menu items available at the concession stand. On offer now is a $12 roast beef po-boy as well as something they're calling "seafood nachos" which I doubt is ever a good idea to try although maybe the fact that this is the Dolphins game will tempt a few of your more sharp-witted nacho enthusiasts this evening.

Superdome Wi-Fi. It exists! And it works! Damn well, too.  I'm afraid that might only be because not many people know about it yet. So don't tell anybody, OK?

Usually after the games I like to test my theory that the price of beer purchased from unlicensed street vendors diminishes with greater distance away from the Dome.  But this year, we didn't even get to talk to the first vendor because someone else was already having a conversation with him.

Vendor Enforcement

Interestingly, the vendor enforcement doesn't seem to have caused a rise in prices thanks to the efforts of the downtown Rouses.

Rouses party

I know I'm supposed to have posted three game re-caps by now.  If you've been following the Yellow Blog over the (now almost 10) years you're used to stuff not always getting typed up on time.  So, big surprise, nothing has changed.  There was an almost-finished Atlanta post that ended up being mostly about robots.  Then there was an almost-finished Tampa post that ended up being mostly about Jim Letten.

What usually happens is all the unused material gets chopped up and folded into whichever post actually makes it up on time. So expect something long and sprawling which nobody will want to read coming soon. While we wait for that to happen I refer you to the usual places where you can read as much Saints blogging as your tired little eyeballs can absorb. Most of what you see there will be better than my dumb jokes anyway.

Meanwhile, the 3-0 (yay!) Saints have to play against their first not-total-basketcase opponent tonight.  Won't it be interesting to see who will win?  Actually I expect the Saints to do well tonight.  But don't get too cocky.  This is already a fun team to watch and they should win more games than they lose this year. But if they don't get their offensive line play straightened out, it won't be many more than 8 or 9 wins. Fewer if Brees gets hurt, which is a strong possibility given the number of hits he's taken so far.

But let's not dwell on the negative. The good news is, Mark Ingram might not play tonight.  And on the off-chance he changes his mind about that trade thingy, it's rather convenient that the Saints' traditional running back dumping ground happens to be the visiting team.  If they time things right, they could just put him right on the Dolphins' bus after the game. Kind of a reverse-Kiffin.

Now.. where's my safety-approved clear plastic umbrella?

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