Thursday, May 11, 2017

Two down

They went and got old JD last night. Covered him in bubble wrap and plucked him right off his pedestal. And a fine time was had by all. 
A crowd of a few hundred on-lookers, both pro- and anti-monuments, watched as workers used a crane to remove the monument from its pedestal. Those crowds included monument supporters who have kept watch at the statue since April 24 and those affiliated with Take 'Em Down NOLA, an activist group that has called for the removal of a wide variety of monuments and other symbols in the city they say show reverence for white supremacy.
This comes on the heels of Sunday's Take 'em Down march from Congo Square to Lee Circle where an even better time was had since we personally got to go there and drink beer.

Take em Down rally at the Lee Monument

The Monday prior we also had a few watching the Neo-Confederates and Antifa kids shout at one another in front of Jefferson Davis.  Here's our report from there.  We also talked about that episode on the latest fake radio show which we recorded last week but is only just now available.

Anyway so if you're keeping score, that's three toppling parties so far but only two actual topplings. Plus only last night did a party and toppling occur at the same time and place.  Two more to go. Maybe just once they'll announce it with enough lead time to give people an opportunity to plan.

Still, it's hard to complain. It's kind of nice that this is happening now. It gives people something to do now that festival season is starting to wane and the boring part of the year is looming. Anything that keeps us busy until the election starts to heat up is welcome.

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