Friday, May 19, 2017

The slow pace of toppling

Toppling Lee

This morning an Uptown Lady in the Uptown coffee shop gave me a long and sad "history" lecture. It's not a good day for her. 

I stopped by the circle for a few minutes this afternoon. There was not a lot happening yet. The crowd seemed like about 75 or so people. There was some music, some people with signage, at least one person selling T-Shirts. From the looks of things, they're gonna be out there a while.  If you're going, maybe bring champagne. Otherwise, follow the action or lack thereof here.

Meanwhile the mayor announced last night that he has some goofy ideas about what to put in place of the statues.  We're gonna have to see about all that. Once the monuments are down, Mitch will have outlived his usefulness in the process somewhat.  He's in a hurry to turn the Tricentennial into his own personal graduation from office celebration.  But he's not turning 300, the whole city is.  And these public spaces belong to all  of us. So maybe we should broaden the discussion about what to do with them. If that takes us longer than the end of Mitch's term to figure out, then so be it.

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