Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our Stupid Senator

We've covered this dilemma previously, but it isn't really necessary to ask rather John Neely Kennedy is genuinely stupid or just faking. Either way, it's embarrassing for everyone.
Calling Medicaid a "Sharknado-sized health insurance program for 20 percent of
Americans," Sen. John Neely Kennedy wrote in an opinion column today he would be filing legislation called the “Medicaid Reform and Personal Responsibility Act of 2017," which would require "able-bodied adult enrollees" without dependents to work, go to school or perform community service for 20 hours a week in order to receive Medicaid health benefits
What does "Sharknado-sized" even mean? How big is a Sharknado? Is it bigger than a regular nado? Or is it distinguished more by virtue of there being sharks in it? No matter, you're still not getting any health care if John thinks you're a slacker. 

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