Thursday, May 25, 2017

As long as no progress is made...

You know things are weird when Republicans agree to raise taxes on wealthy constituents on the condition that nothing good comes out of it.

Stokes’ measures – the first major tax bills to win approval in the House during the regular session – are modeled on one of the recommendations of a task force that spent 2016 studying the tax system.

She noted that Louisiana is only three states that allow the federal tax deduction.

Republicans in the House have been fearful that the Senate might change any House-approved income tax measures to raise more revenue.

State Rep. Jim Morris, R-Oil City, won a pledge from Stokes that she would kill the bills if the Senate did that.
Yeah who even knows. My best guess is it's part of the campaign to keep the governor from claiming any success against the budget gap. Or maybe they're just dumb. I'm beginning to see that as the easy answer to a lot of these questions lately.

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