Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Preferred Comey Take Of The Day

If you must have one Comey take today, make it this one.
The FBI is fucking evil. To the extent that its investigation into ties between Trump’s presidential campaign and the Russian government actually existed and may eventually have uncovered something that could be pinned to the president himself, yes, sure, okay, that probably is the reason Comey got shitcanned last night. It would also be a complete anomaly in the history of an organization that only ever has taken a break from bootlicking and propping up entrenched power in the moments when J. Edgar Hoover felt obliged to blackmail somebody. If Trump decommissioned the entire bureau tomorrow it would be the first good thing he ever did in his entire goddamn life. He probably won’t. It’s too useful to him. Being useful to the powerful is what it’s for.
Anyway, we're all looking forward to hearing what John Kennedy has to say at the confirmation hearings for whoever Trump nominates for the job next.  Ideally, Clay Higgins. Or maybe one of those Duck Dynasty guys. 

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