Friday, May 05, 2017

Cinco de Scurlock

I don't know. It's a thing, I guess.
The man behind an inflatable jump house empire, skywriting over Jazz Fest and attempts to revive the Six Flags site has thrown his top hat into the ring for the New Orleans mayor's race. Frank Scurlock announced his bid Friday (May 5), which he dubbed "Cinco De Scurlock" on a calendar posted to his website.
Wait. We're pretty sure Scurlock already announced his candidacy back in March. It was in the papers and everything.  Maybe it doesn't count if not enough people notice the first time.  Or maybe Scurlock is just used to repeating big announcements that don't go anywhere. His several failed bids at the Six Flags  property may indicate that.

There was also this announcement of more announcements via skywriting, which also didn't happen.
It's Scurlock who has paid for a pilot to write inspirational messages in the sky during Jazz Fest and Mardi Gras in recent years. He planned for skywriting to take place in three cities Wednesday afternoon until severe weather forced its cancellation. While previous displays have been mostly neutral politically, an announcement previewing the skywriting Wednesday linked them to the removal of Confederate monuments in New Orleans.
The plan was to fill the sky with hashtag quality slogans meant to "draw attention to the plight of the monuments and calm tensions among residents," which seem like contradictory purposes but whatever.  He's apparently engaged in a very tasteful pub crawl of Mexican restaurants tonight. If you see him out be sure and ask him if he's coming to the march on Sunday

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