Thursday, June 02, 2016

WTC ruling may come soon

This report sure makes it seem like the judge is about to toss the lawsuit.  But it's hard to know since Fisher just kind of sues defensively at whim sometimes.
Fisher, who has issued a barrage of lengthy news releases during the case expressing outrage over the city's handling of the project, appeared in court Wednesday for the first time since the lawsuit began. Twenty minutes before the hearing started, Fisher filed a motion to have Chase recused from a separate but related lawsuit.

He argued that Chase made biased decisions against him and had a conflict of interest through her campaign for a seat on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal. Chase ruled against him and sent the motion to another district judge for second decision on the recusal.

Fisher sat with attorneys for Two Canal Street Investors, but attorney Daniel Davillier emphasized that Fisher was representing himself.
So that's fun and confusing.  Which is about par for the course with this saga. Anyway, you don't have to like Fisher. He seems super sketchy. But there are reasons to root for the lawsuit to go forward. I've written about that a bunch of times.  Most recently here.

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