Friday, June 03, 2016

Like an adorable toddler

Quasi-Governor Landry is "testing his boundaries."
“I believe there are some real issues with the relationship, and I think that, you know how good fences make good neighbors? Good delineations of authority also make for good neighbors in terms of statewide officials,” Edwards told The Advocate editorial board in a meeting this week.

Edwards said he thinks Landry is testing boundaries.

“I think there’s a little going on to figure out where those lines are,” he said. “I think I know where they are, and they aren’t in the same place he would want them to be.”

Political insiders have speculated that Landry is increasingly positioning himself to run against Edwards in the 2019 governor’s race, which Landry has denied.
You know they say you gotta dress for the job you want, right? When I am elected Registrar of Conveyances, I'm going to just set up a chair in the Mayor's office and go to work there. Maybe no one will even notice. 

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