Wednesday, June 22, 2016

They don't actually care if things get funded

By accusing them of magical thinking, the TP editorial board is giving House conservatives too much credit.
Instead of approving enough new revenue to fill Louisiana's budget deficit or making difficult spending cuts, the House of Representatives has resorted to wishful thinking. Members approved a budget Monday (June 20) that funds the TOPS scholarship program at 70 percent — but they split it into two pieces: 100 percent for the fall semester and only 40 percent for the spring semester. How are families supposed to plan for that?

House members apparently are hoping that money will rain down from the heavens by January to make up the difference.
Actually they aren't hoping for anything.  As far was they're concerned, failure to find revenue and fund things is a win. They get to back to their constituents and brag about how they prevented all those big bad tax increases on upper income brackets. Whatever pain results from the budget cuts this necessitates ends up being the governor's fault, politically speaking. So, yeah. Good times for them.  

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