Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hillary's gentrification student loan credit

A better idea would be across the board loan forgiveness and (gasp!) free college tuition. But that's only if you truly want to encourage true entrepreneurship where people are free to follow their dreams without living in crushing fear or debt.  But that's not what Hillary people are about.  Instead they want to know how they can target policy in ways that help bankers maximize asset values
Though many pieces of the agenda are policy prescriptions Clinton has announced in the past, including a plan to bring broadband access to every American home by 2020, the tech platform includes newer proposals as well. Her plan would, for instance, allow would-be entrepreneurs to defer their student loans interest free for up to three years as they launch their businesses. Business owners who locate in “distressed communities” or start a social enterprise also could ask the government to forgive as much as $17,500 in loans after five years in business.
In other words, go into cities. Find the neighborhoods where there are too many poor people. Open a juice bar or a Jazz Market or something. Make the rent too damn high.  And we'll subsidize you for that. What we won't do is actually help people directly. Not if they don't want to grow up and be 'treps like us, anyway. That would be immoral.. or whatever.

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