Thursday, June 09, 2016

Nobody actually lives here

Latest "data scrape" from InsideAirnb. There are 4316 listings in New Orleans. 72% of those are whole home rentals. Mitch Landrieu wants to encourage more of that.

Update: Meanwhile... 
Tourists planning to pop over to Berlin for a weekend break may have to give up on the hipster dream of living like a local in a spacious loft apartment, and get back into the habit of staying in an old-fashioned hotel room instead.

Airbnb and other short-term letting agencies face a bleak future in the German capital after the city’s administrative court on Wednesday upheld a de facto ban on short-term rentals, in a landmark ruling that could inspire similar restrictions in cities around Europe.

Under the ban, in effect since 1 May, people who let more than 50% of their apartment on a short-term basis without a permit from the city risk a fine of €100,000 (£78,000).
But Mitch doesn't care about global trends and "best practices" anymore. 

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