Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Deal is getting worse all the time

Pray they don't alter it any further.
In order to calm advocates for affordable housing who feared that Airbnb was exacerbating San Francisco’s housing crunch by turning affordable apartments into permanent short-term rentals, akin to hostels, the company agreed in 2014 to put a 90-day cap on short-term rentals for entire homes. It also agreed to require all short-term rental hosts to register with the city. That is the law that took effect in February.

But now only 20 percent of the about 7,000 San Francisco residents who rent out their apartments for less than 30 days have registered with the city, said David Campos, a member of the board of supervisors and a long time opponent of Airbnb who was co-author of the recently passed enforcement law.

“Airbnb is challenging a very modest law,” Mr. Campos said. “In so doing, Airbnb is proving that it wants to play by its own rules, that it believes that it is entitled to something no business has, absolute freedom to operate free of responsibility and oversight. It’s their way or the highway.”
We're about to have a big fight about this in front of City Council at.. some point this year.  No doubt much will be said and written about Airbnb's "reasonable" efforts to compromise or whatever. There will be considerably less said or written about how little their promises actually mean. 

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