Monday, June 06, 2016

Sine Die is coming

During these final hours, a sense of urgency and purpose comes over the legislature. Or, you know, not.
The battle over transgender bathrooms nearly sidetracked Monday an effort to tap into a federal apprentice program to help train Louisiana workers.

State Rep. Michael Johnson, R-Bossier City, said as good as the program would be in training workers, it could fall under President Barack Obama’s recent directive forbidding institutions from discriminating against people whose gender identity differs from their sex at birth.

House Bill 1001 brings the language of an apprentice program, which currently has about 4,000 participants, in line with federal guidelines and thereby allow the state to receive a $10 million federal grant for the program, said Rep. Patrick Jefferson, the Homer Democrat who chairs the House Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations.
Also there seems to be some drama over HB2 which is the capital improvements budget. The House seemed ready to pass it and get it on to conference but then this happened.

And then Neil left the building.. or something. That's what it seemed like anyway. The reporters (and Dan Claitor) spent some time pretending to search for him. They were gonna send Michael Johnson to check the bathroom but that got weird real quick. And then they found him!

And then he left again.  It’s a very fluid situation.  Or maybe Neil is playing a different game than everyone else.

Update: Here's a more thorough report from NOLA.com 

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