Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Famous last words

Are you sure this is what you want?
"At this time, I am not co-sponsoring this ordinance because the Council has not had an opportunity to vet the proposal, which I just received from the Mayor's office yesterday," Guidry said. "One of a number of issues that is not clarified in the proposed ordinance is what will happen to the monuments after they are removed. New Orleanians have communicated that removal of these monuments is an important issue, and I believe the public deserves the opportunity to speak to the entire Council about their concerns."
I mean, I'm cool with it.  I'll set the DVR and pop some popcorn for as many public shout fests as you guys want to host. But I thought y'all were trying to limit that stuff because of ... decorum or whatever.

The council can choose to take up Landrieu's ordinance as soon as its Dec. 10 meeting, but Williams said he hoped discussions of the monuments will be deliberate, measured and respectful.

"What's the point of having an open, public dialogue if we're all screaming at each other?" he said.
See, there it is.  You guys keep saying you don't want to be yelled at anymore.  I tend to agree with Oliver Thomas here where he says we actually need more of that.
“In New Orleans, to me, we have half-a-day politics now, with 24-hour problems,” Thomas said. “Our political officials brag that our meetings end early. Well, how can you brag about getting along when you got issues in the community? We don’t need you to get along; we need you to debate. We need you to provoke thought; we need you to challenge. ... This whole idea about decorum has duped people into believing that things are great. So what are we finding now? They’re not.”
But obviously not everyone does.  Anyway... coming to a theater near you, I guess. 

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