Thursday, December 10, 2015

So when is the next boil order?

Any day now.  Seems overdue.  Gotta get at least 6 more in before this check clears.
Mayor Mitch Landrieu on Thursday announced the “last major piece” of the federal funding puzzle for New Orleans’ post-Hurricane Katrina reconstruction, a $2 billion settlement with FEMA to fix city streets and sewerage lines.

That figure includes $1.2 billion more than the $800 million in work already identified and in some cases completed. It brings the amount of funds available for the much-needed infrastructure work to $3 billion, when funding from other sources is included.

While still far short of the estimated $9 billion necessary to fully meet the city’s needs, Landrieu, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate and other state and local officials hailed the deal Thursday afternoon at a press conference at the city’s Sewerage & Water Board office.
On the other hand, they may only be able to use this money to repair the subsurface sewerage and water lines damaged by the flood.  The boil advisories keep happening because S&WB's pump is running on a hundred year old motor that requires a hand crank and a spark gun to power it.. or something like that.  They're supposed to update it but I'm not sure if they can use the FEMA money to do that. 

Oh and also this will presumably keep #FixMyStreets from yelling at the mayor every other week... aahh who am I kidding?

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