Saturday, December 12, 2015

War on Christmas

The battle rages now under the bridge.
NEW ORLEANS —A Christmas tree that a homeless man erected under the Pontchartrain Expressway was removed Friday morning.

The city conducted a regular sweep early Friday, cleaning underneath the expressway.

For the last three weeks, a homeless man who goes by the name of John has been living under the Pontchartrain Expressway -- near Carondelet and Calliope streets. A driver gave John $100. John said he used part of the money to buy a Christmas tree and decorations for his extended family living on the streets.

“It's a Christmas tree, fully decorated. It ain't past the 25th. Anybody with common sense would know it's not trash,” John said. “My purpose was to bring hope, restore hope and smiles.”
 John adds that his tree has been removed to and subsequently rescued from a nearby dumpster once already.  Local correspondents report that the situation continues to escalate as of this morning.

Remember, also, this is far from the first War On Christmas battle the City Of New Orleans has waged against its citizens.   We were devastated when our beloved annual Celebration In The Sinkhole had to be cancelled after the city "repaired" the site in 2014.

Celebration In The Sinkhole 2013

New curb

And now they're targeting our fellow celebrants under the bridge.. which is of particular concern to us as we expect that's where we're going to end up living too if the rent goes too damn much higher. So if you're out caroling this weekend, maybe include a stop down there. Bring ornaments if you've got them. 

Better yet.. some of you, we know, have extra lawn decorations sitting around. 

Celebration in the open lot

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