Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bucking the trend

Not sure why I'm so attracted to the ubiquity of this phrase. In post-K New Orleans it was a boosterish slogan often employed by the Times Picayune especially to obscure some of the hard truths about the local economy.  So that was fun.

In other cases it just sounds like potential "famous last words."  I hope that isn't what it means here but let's point it out anyway.
Margo DuBos, who with her husband Clancy DuBos has owned Gambit since 1991, is a graduate of LSU’s Manship School of Mass Communication and currently serves on the school’s Board of Visitors. She began working at Gambit in the advertising sales department in 1982. She was promoted to advertising director in 1985 and was named publisher in 1987. Under her leadership, Gambit has become one of the most successful alt-weeklies in America.

In recent years, Gambit has bucked all national trends in the newspaper business by constantly adapting to the industry’s changing landscape in order to serve our readers better and help our advertisers reach their customers,” Margo DuBos said. “For more than a decade, Jeanne has been an integral part of our innovations and our success. She also has a keen understanding of what makes Gambit indispensible to our readers, so I’m proud to see her take the reins as only our third publisher in 35 years.”
Basically they just gave their Associate Publisher a new title an ostensible promotion. Although the DuBoses still run the shop, of course. 

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