Saturday, December 05, 2015

A Family Gras of our own

Maybe it's just me who feels this, but there's something kind of fake about all these DDD sponsored parades through downtown during whatever holiday it happens to be. 
NEW ORLEANS —New Orleans offers something for everyone, in and out of the holiday season.

“We can't wait, because we won't be here for Mardi Gras. So to see a parade in New Orleans in wonderful," Jennifer Stubbs said.

Stubbs and her family will get a taste of the holidays, New Orleans style, and one anticipated delight is the Krewe of Jingle holiday parade.

You know it's a typical New Orleans parade,” said Kurt Weigle, president and CEO of the Downtown Development District of New Orleans. “So, we're gonna have the dance krewes and the floats, and at the end of the parade, a very special person dressed in a red suit, white beard -- I’m not gonna say who it is. And of course, Mr. Bingle. You can't have a holiday parade without Mr. Bingle."
Except.. no. It isn't a "typical New Orleans parade," really.  It's more accurately an event conceived and staged specifically for the purpose of entertaining the tourists who happen to be populating the "Hospitality Zone" during not-Carnival. Basically, these are the Dizneylandrieu version of the Main Street Parade.

Also, naturally, it's got its own built in "economic engine" entrepreneurship thingy or whatever.  Because there's no point in celebrating anything if it doesn't serve commerce.
Also new is the “Saturday Shopping Spree" for those looking for their fill of shopping bliss at places like the river walk and Shops at Canal Place. There's a good chance to catch a shopping deal, leaving more to jangle.
Not everybody can make it downtown to view this event. If you're a local, they don't really want you there anyway. They're jacking up the price of parking and altering bus routes in a deliberate effort to discourage you, after all.  

That's okay, though. You are still legally permitted to be festive on your own.. for now anyway.  Here for, example, is one non-DDD sanctioned celebration I witnessed this week in Carrollton.

Dirt lot Christmas magic

Celebration in the open lot

Inflatable characters celebrate the holidays 

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