Thursday, December 17, 2015


Let the record show that Mitch Landrieu did a really good job today.  (The record does not often show this.)  This back and forth between Mitch and Stacy was the day's dramatic highlight.*
In her remarks before the vote, Head asked Landrieu to explain his plans for other monuments, including Gen. Andrew Jackson in the French Quarter, should these four come down.

"Every time there is direct non-violent action, the first accusation is why are you being divisive," Landrieu said, somewhat testily, to Head.

"I didn't create this division nor did i create this tension," he said. "You may be knowledgeable of the fact that slavery did and the Civil War created the tension ..."
Article doesn't mention it but Mitch's comments on "being divisive" is a paraphrasing of Martin Luther King. (Mitch cited MLK during his remarks.)  Anyway, it's good that Mitch understands this. Because he sure does complain a lot that the criticism he receives from people is "divisive."  In fact, his campaign slogan, "One Voice One City" roughly translates into "Why are you being so divisive?"

Anyway, so, good job today, Mitch.  Maybe work on that self-awareness, though.

*Well, okay, maybe it was the second most dramatic moment because this also happened.

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