Monday, October 26, 2015

Very ethicsy

David Vitter's car accident was maybe more problematic than it seemed at first.
On Friday, the day before the primary election, Vitter and Callihan were involved in a minor traffic accident in Metairie. Callihan was driving and Vitter was the passenger when Callihan hit a second vehicle. Vitter was quickly transported from the scene by a campaign staff member. http://louisianavoice.com/2015/10/25/minor-auto-accident-could-further-undermine-vitter-bid-for-governor-federal-campaign-finance-law-violations-possible/

On the one hand, Vitter was riding with his campaign finance director. On the other, he was riding with the person who shares an address with FLF.

Where is the line of separation?

Does anyone really believe that Vitter never discusses campaign strategy with Callihan?

Likewise, does anyone believe that Callihan never consults with FLF on campaign strategy?
Maybe the problem is the post-Citizens United rules are absurd and basically meant to be violated.  On the other hand the absurd rules are the law and David Vitter is supposedly very serious about the law, right?

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