Sunday, October 04, 2015

Burnout Sean is burnt out

Earlier in the week, Saints coach Sean Payton was asked about how his quarterback was doing. Payton talked about how Brees was "being meticulous" about his rehab.  But even in formulating those words, Payton himself seemed to lose focus halfway through the sentence. 
"When you're going to throw and it gets caught, there's a torque," said Payton, referring to play in which Brees injured his shoulder on Sept. 20 against Tampa Bay. "It stresses that joint. But the rehab has gone well and you know how he is with being meticulous and all of that. It's encouraging."
"You know how he is with being meticulous and all of that."  You know, like, details and whatever. Sean Payton is barely paying attention anymore.  Here he is talking to Bob Costas about his career.. and by implication, his future.. in New Orleans.
While reminiscing about the Saints' Super Bowl in 2009, Payton said he doesn't believe the book has been closed on the franchise's run of success.

"I feel like we're turning the pages and we've still got a big chunk in this book left. There's a lot more here," he said, according to advance quotes provided by NBC.
Still got a lot of book left. That sounds okay. Just got to keep plugging away and stay focused on turning the pages and then... 
Payton said the memories of the team's success in the post-Katrina years would always be meaningful to him.

"At some point, this train is going to stop in New Orleans for all of us, and I would say it became bigger than football when we first got here through those early years.
 Oh godddammit, Sean, is this a book or is it a freaking train?  Or do you even care enough about being "meticulous and all of that" anymore to keep your darn metaphors straight?

There was a time not too long ago when Sean Payton vs a high profile opponent like Dallas in prime time at home in the Superdome felt like a lock.  We really don't feel like being 0-4 right now but it's hard to see it not going that way tonight.   

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