Monday, October 19, 2015

"Curiosity and irritation"

Sounds like Cousin Ken needs to lay off of the Cool Brew.
He also denied pointing his gun in the other man's direction.

"I never pointed anything at anybody. That is made up," Landrieu said. "(Prosecutors) only have one side of the story right now. That's what they do."

Landrieu said he acted first out of curiosity and irritation when the other driver sped around him on Magazine Street.

"It endangered me," Landrieu said. "It pissed me off."

Landrieu admitted he caught up with the other car because he "wanted to get a look at this (expletive) to see what he looked like."

But Landrieu said he next had to act in self-defense. He said that after he pulled to a stop in front of the other man's car and got out, the other driver backed up, turned his car toward Landrieu and began accelerating and braking in his direction.

"He scared the s--- out of me," Landrieu said. "I didn't have time to jump out of the way. I reacted. I put my hand up and I said, 'Stop!' He stopped his car, threw it into park, and started to bang on his dashboard and steering wheel and everything. He was livid.

"I feared for my life. That's really what happened."

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