Tuesday, October 27, 2015

David Vitter's next TV ad

Like I said yesterday

Vitter is going to try and make an issue out of Cummings, the Whitney Plantation, and the Confederate monuments.
Previous speculation focused on Cummings as the target not only because he is a Democratic donor and supporter of Edwards, but also because his name had been swept up into the swirling debate over the removal of New Orleans' Confederate monuments. Vitter has opposed Mayor Mitch Landrieu's call to remove the monuments, and polls have shown that the issue resonates among Louisiana's conservative voters.

Cummings is the founder and benefactor of one a museum he said is devoted to telling the unvarnished truth about slavery in the United States. His $8 million investment to transform the Whitney Plantation at Wallace into a tribute and memorial to those who died in slavery made him a prime candidate to be the anonymous donor whom the Landrieu administration has said was willing to pay for removing the statues.

Cummings, however, emphatically called those rumors untrue. "It's not me," he said.
You can always see stuff like this coming a mile away. All you have to do is pay just a little attention. 

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