Wednesday, October 21, 2015

How much longer will we care about Vitter's hookers?

Try to imagine what life will be like sometime next week.  The primary election will be over and we will know for certain whether David Vitter has survived into the runoff or if one of the other Republicans has wedged him out on the strength of this month's sudden hookermania. What happens then?

David Vitter will either continue as a US Senator or as a candidate for Governor. Will we keep getting these shocking new long tacitly understood but little pursued details about his "serious sin"?  Or will everyone suddenly lose interest in Vitter's hookers again just as suddenly as they seem to have found it?   I strongly suspect the answer is it's all going to fade away again just as soon as all the PAC money feeding it does.  Because if it's not going to help elect a "pro-business" Republican, what is the point?

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