Monday, October 05, 2015

Fine. Just fine. I'm fine.

You know that thing where a person in denial insists that everything is just fine?
Brees didn’t offer much more detail when asked on Sunday night how the shoulder felt.

“I mean, yeah, I felt good. I felt good enough. Good enough to get the job done,” Brees said with a laugh.

When asked a follow-up question, Brees replied, “Listen, I’m fine, yeah. Like I said, we got the job done, it’s fine.”
It is helpful context to know that this is a quote from an obviously mentally disturbed person.

(Everything you ever needed to know about Drew Brees gif via Gambit)

Anyway, if you read the rest of that ESPN article, you'll find an inconclusive diagnosis. It's true that Brees had to deal with terrible pass protection all night, but this doesn't mean we couldn't also see evidence his shoulder was bothering him at times.   There were a few throws late in the game where, though Brees had time to throw, he looked.. at least to us drunken plebes up in Section 617.. like the shoulder was a problem. I remember one ball thrown behind Colston who was open on a slant as well as one skipped off the ground toward Snead that looked particularly suspicious.  Also Drew thew an interception that ended up being nullified by penalty.  We didn't know what the hell his shoulder was looking at on that play.

But then, on the final series of regulation, Drew made some really great throws getting the team into position for what should have been a game winning field goal. The touchdown pass in overtime was pretty good too.   So I guess the question is, what did they shoot him up with before that final drive and where can we get some? 

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