Friday, October 23, 2015

Mitch Landrieu will be voting "Anybody But Vitter"

Anybody But Vitter

He's careful not to actually make an endorsement here, of course.
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu thinks three of the four major candidates running for Louisiana governor would do “great.”

The candidate Landrieu isn’t high on? David Vitter.

“I’m not in favor of Senator Vitter. He’s been a career politician that’s divided us for a long time, and I’m not hopeful if he gets to be the governor that he’s going to help the city (of New Orleans),” Landrieu told Garland Robinette on WWL 870 AM on Thursday afternoon.
The general speculation afoot tends to rest on the notion that Mitch has not endorsed John Bel Edwards specifically because he was asked not to by the campaign. That would jibe well with the general impression one gets of Gomer's strategy. Edwards has barely spent any time or money in New Orleans.  It doesn't appear as though there will be an especially aggressive GOTV effort in the city on Saturday. 

I can't remember a statewide election where Orleans Parish and.. black voters in Orleans Parish in particular.. were so thoroughly marginalized by every campaign.   In fact the city only comes up at all in the context of David Vitter's dubious assertion that Mitch is not spending enough time and money focusing on crime.

What does it say that the state's largest and most vital city is no longer considered a critical factor on the path to its governorship?

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