Thursday, October 29, 2015

Other businessman

Has anybody figured out who the "other businessman" is yet?
DeNoux told The Advocate on Wednesday that he did the opposition research on Vitter for a “businessman,” whom he said he could not name. The businessman asked him to share his information with Berry, DeNoux said, adding that he did not know the blogger previously.

DeNoux said his client was not Cummings, a prominent trial attorney, large landowner in New Orleans and longtime foe of Vitter. DeNoux said Cummings is a friend of his but that he has never done paid work for him. DeNoux also said the client for the Vitter assignment was not an elected official and not the Democratic Party.
Huh.. it might still be Cummings, of course. But previously, we'd pointed out all the funny money being passed around the various SuperPACs a month or so before the election for "research" purposes. 
Campaign finance reports show that Gumbo PAC donated $5,000 on Sept. 14 to the Now or Never PAC, which spends money to support Dardenne.  Gumbo PAC is run by Trey Ourso, the former executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party.

In spite of its Democratic political ties, Gumbo PAC describes itself as a group supporting "anybody but Vitter" in the governor's race. Dardenne is also actively courting Democratic voters in his gubernatorial bid. As a Republican, Dardenne claims he has a better shot of beating Vitter statewide than does state Rep. John Bel Edwards, the only major Democratic candidate running in the race
Technically neither GumboPAC nor Now or Never (guess it turned out to be Never for Jay) can be described as "an elected official" or "The Democratic Party" which are the only possibilities DeNoux excludes.  Although, if we consider Vitter's demonstration as to how loose the rules of separation really are between PACs and campaigns, then maybe everyone is still a suspect.  

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