Monday, October 26, 2015

LA-GOV runoff quotes of the day

This is only Day 2 post-primary.

Pollster Bernie Pinsonat handicapping the next phase of the election:
Vitter has to be considered the favorite based on traditional patterns. He obviously can win, but he’s going to have to run a picture perfect campaign and put together the factions, which are pretty angry right now.
Jason Berrry on what you can and can't expect from the press.. especially during election season.
Berry's day job as a freelance videographer allows him a loose enough schedule that he can spend years on his important, sometimes Earth-moving stories. As such, the local papers love Berry, or at least love aggregating his hard work . But Berry claims no interest in turning his success into a full-time gig for any outlet."I don't trust any of the newspapers in this city," he said. "That doesn't mean I don't trust the reporters. We have incredible reporters in this city, but I don't trust the media entities they work for. I've been doing this for ten years and... What I have seen time and again is money and influence buying editorial control."
Berry, again, on the personal risks he's taking which the media companies he criticized typically do not.
Now Berry says he’s getting “paranoid” about what kind of surveillance the Vitter campaign is doing on him. In addition to seeing Frenzel pass by his house last Wednesday, personal information about Berry from a web tracking service was found in Frenzel’s car on Friday.

Berry acknowledged that he had been speaking to some of the people who were at the table Friday with Normand when Frenzel was caught filming them.

“David Vitter… is a very vindictive person,” Berry said. “I’m worried about my family. I mean, I worry about retribution issues. That concerns me greatly.”
Finally, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand on the sort of Governor David Vitter might turn out to be.
Normand, still indignant during an interview with The Advocate on Monday, said he had in fact met with Vitter for more than an hour to discuss law enforcement issues, although he said it was not an entirely cordial exchange.

Normand said he told Vitter that the latter “would be the worst governor in the history of the state of Louisiana.”

“I’ve been straight up, brutally honest with this man,” Normand said, likening Vitter to “a 5-year-old in the sandbox.”

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