Thursday, April 23, 2015

Just grifting

Quick follow-up on this from yesterday. In light of the fact that Bobby Jindal has intentionally wrecked several arms of the state government specifically in order to sell the scraps to well-placed friends, it's really no surprise that this would be what's happening to the university system now.

Consider this bit that got little notice last year about this time.
WASHINGTON -- Gov. Bobby Jindal didn't disclose in his newspaper column this week supporting for-profit colleges in their fight with the Obama administration that his brother, attorney Nikesh Jindal, represented the schools' association in an earlier legal fight with the administration.

The governor's spokesman said Nikesh Jindal's connection to the for-profit colleges isn't significant given that the Republican governor has for a very long time advocated for more choice and competition in education, both in primary and higher education.

But critics of the for-profit schools who contend they garner a disproportionate amount of federal education aid without providing quality education, said the governor should have been up front about his family connections.
Side note of little importance: I found that digging through my own Jindal-tagged archives. People ask me why I still bother to type on this blog even though we have the Tweeter tubes and the Parallel Facenet for kvetching.  The answer is because this is still the best way to bookmark and annotate for future reference. And you never know what you might want to remember having noticed.  If I didn't post things here, I might never remember anything that happens.

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