Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Extreme budgeting

Things in Baton Rouge are either getting very serious or very very unserious depending on how you choose to interpret this.
State Rep. John Schroder, R-Covington, says he is suspending his push for legislation to remove budget protections for certain state services, following what he claims was an emailed threat from a law enforcement officer.

“This individual told me to put a gun in my mouth and blow my brains out. What kind of bill would cause someone to say that? I know I have a tendency to rock the boat from time to time, but blow my brains out?” Schroder said during a speech on the House floor Tuesday.
That sounds bad. On the other hand, legislators probably receive all sorts of crazy correspondence from law enforcement and/or mentally unstable people (and really, who can even know the difference?) all the time.


Clay said...

form law enforcement and/or


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