Sunday, April 26, 2015

Same as the old boss

While we were waiting for The Who to begin their set at Jazzfest yesterday, we couldn't help but take notice of this unfortunate flagpole.

Mardi Gras stars and bars

The wind didn't catch the flags exactly right when I took this snapshot. But, yes, the second flag is a Confederate "Stars and Bars" battle flag rendered in Mardi Gras colors. Here's a photo of one I found on ebay.

I'm pretty sure the only reason anyone would show up at Jazzfest with something like that is just to be a troll. On the other hand, if you know anything about the Confederate history of the "Old Line" Carnival Krewes who still figure prominently in the city's social and political life (including the Rex organization who is credited with choosing those colors) you might see how the flag is kind of fitting. 

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