Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Yes well good luck paying for your ferries now

We might have to slap the tolls back on the bridge.  Or maybe start requiring visas.
Algiers could become its own city again under a measure proposed by state Rep. Jeff Arnold for the 2015 session of the Louisiana Legislature. He envisions a community led by a mayor-council form of government, with the current New Orleans mayor and council transitioning to a parish president-parish council entity.

The driving force behind the measure, he said, is the same as when he introduced the idea a decade ago: a lack of attention from New Orleans officials. "If we had a government in Algiers, it would better serve people in Algiers. We will still be in New Orleans. You'll still be a New Orleanian,'' Arnold said. "But if you have a street problem, you'd go to the Algiers courthouse as opposed to going to City Hall.'
Of course it's a stupid idea. But that probably means it's got a chance. 

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