Saturday, April 18, 2015

Bobby is doing OK

People think nobody likes him. But that's only really true in Louisiana and, as Bobby clearly demonstrates that he knows, Louisiana doesn't really count.  
Two new polls out this week on the race for the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential nomination offer a mixed bag for Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal.

In New Hampshire, a Public Policy Polling survey found Jindal had one of the best favorability ratings of all the possible candidates that respondents were asked about.

“He may be someone to keep a closer eye on moving forward,” PPP concludes.
Think about it in terms of this analysis of Hillary vs the GOP field from earlier in the week.

The ones who are at least relatively well-known are much less popular. The ones who are close to her net approval are close to unknown. The best takeaway for the GOP is that Rubio and Walker are basically unknown and thus don't bring a lot of negatives with them. But still, for an age of extreme partisan polarization, Clinton is pretty popular.

It's becoming more widely understood now that Jeb Bush is in no way a foregone conclusion for the GOP nomination.  Walker and Rubio have more room to grow as they get a chance to introduce themselves. They have their weaknesses, of course. Rubio is not exactly popular with hispanics outside of the Florida Cuban exile community.  Walker is a tremendous douchebag. But neither of them is really any better off than Jindal excepting the fact that their names are slightly more familiar nationally right now.  That can and will change once the campaigning begins in earnest. (Hell, Bobby hasn't even announced his candidacy yet.)
Not saying Bobby is gonna win the thing. Just that he's doing pretty okay right now.

I know I keep saying so but I swear I've got a lot more on this soon. 

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