Friday, April 03, 2015

Who is out to get whom?

The Advocate has a good analysis of the proposed OPP/NOPD merger here

It's tempting to try and interpret this in the context of Mitch and Gusman's on again, off again, feuding over turf and finances.  But this kind of reform is bigger than the two of them.  Well... it's bigger than Mitch, anyway. He'll be out of office and on permanent display at the Aspen Ideas Hall Of Heroes by the time any merger would go into effect. Gusman, on the other hand, might have his life messed with a bit.
Any kind of merger would face stiff obstacles. For one, Gusman, whose office declined to comment, would certainly have an incentive to fight the idea. If carried out, it would most likely put him out of a job that he could otherwise hope to keep for life.
Or it could mean that Gusman gets to run for Police Chief now.  Say what you will about Marlin Gusman, I wouldn't be too quick to bet against him in most elections.

Anyway, maybe it's all moot and this won't even get out of the legislature.  But I do think this city needs to start talking about municipal finance reform across the board, basically. So the criminal justice fiefdoms are a good place to start with that.

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Alfred W. Bostick said...

Agree completely on the Gusman thing, but still wouldn't be too quick to bet against Mitch jumping in the run for the Mansion. I actually do believe he thinks his chances are enhanced by running as the non-Democrat Democrat.