Saturday, April 11, 2015

St. Roch Consumer Price Index

I think this exchange is going to require some research.

"Eddy P" writes:
I am sure that all the former Brooklynites who live in the Bywater and Marigny will get a huge kick out of the market. But we should ask the poor people who live in the 8th Ward, directly behind and around the place, how they feel about yet another unaffordable, impractical food market in the neighborhood.

The St. Roch neighborhood is changing; some of the changes are necessary and good. My fear is that the new St. Roch and the new St. Claude Avenue are forgetting those who live there. A boondoggle of a streetcar is being installed from Canal Street to Elysian Fields Avenue, just a few blocks from the market, and not even those who pushed for it are pretending anymore that it is anything but a grab for tourist dollars instead of real transportation.

Craft cocktail bar? Fusion cuisine? House-made charcuterie and freshly-foraged produce? In most neighborhoods, this would sound like a bad hipster joke; here it sounds like a tragedy.The message for those who have been living and struggling here for so long is very clear: You do not belong here. And this is not the first time that those families have heard these words.
"Jarman" responds:
The St. Roch market is a blessing to the neighborhood. I live in the 8th ward, directly behind the market, and have lived here for many years. Along with myself, all of my neighbors are also excited. To say that inserting a community gathering place that serves very affordable, healthy food is not an appropriate response to the neighborhood is incoherently wrong. You are associating healthy food to white people. You are also saying that the people of this neighborhood should not have healthy food. Produce that is cheaper than sav-a-lots, coffee that is cheaper than all other coffee around, the cheapest pastries around, among numerous other vendors, all amidst a community dining hall, how is this not a good idea for the struggling people in our community? Or maybe we should just keep it closed, and buy a meal at the rally's across the street that is more expensive than a meal at st. roch market.
I think we might have visit the St. Roch "market" themed attraction and then compare receipts with area produce, coffee, and pastry providers.  Also we should go to Rally's, I guess.  It would be nice if we could compare to a nearby supermarket but it has been ten years since there was one around there and we are still waiting for that to change.

Not sure exactly how to quantify the value of the "secrets" described in the article.
“The market gives everyone an all-access pass to the secrets of New Orleans,” says Will Donaldson, who co-owns the business with his partner Barre Tanguis
 Although I think it might be hard to beat the $2.99 ebook price.

Update: Lord David is already on the case

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