Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wonder if he was trying to sell condos for next Mardi Gras

Because, if he's wondering where all that trash came from in the first place...
Robert Ripley said he was “deeply disappointed” in the company’s work. Black garbage bags were stacked 4 feet high in front of his Royal Street office on Lundi Gras, he said. The real estate agent said the situation was so bad he could not meet clients there.

“It was just so embarrassing that I had to meet them at another office,” he said. “You kind of expect it to some degree on Tuesday because it’s just so difficult to get through, but not on Lundi Gras.”

Ripley said the mountain of trash had been removed by noon Wednesday, but a trash can across the street from his office remained overwhelmed and surrounded by garbage bags.

“I would have expected it to be gone and fresh-smelling and a beautiful day on Royal Street,” said Ripley, adding that he was concerned he will face a similar trash pileup in April during French Quarter Fest. “I hope the city can figure out how to do it because these people are overloaded and clearly understaffed.”

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