Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunset Boulevard

You have to feel a little bit bad for him, right?  It would be inhuman not to... right?
The governor ignored the specific question — about Jindal’s cuts to per-student spending for higher ed being the deepest in the nation — and instead delivered a sermon that included a boast about “eight credit upgrades” for the state and the “strongest credit rating we’ve seen in decades.”

Unmentioned: That just last week, Moody’s issued a “credit negative” report on Louisiana and said its problems have been intensified by its reliance on $1 billion in temporary patchwork funding being used to prop up the budget this year. The Republican state treasurer, John Kennedy, protested “budget gimmicks” and years of being “fiscally irresponsible.”

Minutes later, when Simendinger asked Jindal to explain why the big state deficit “qualifies you to run for president,” the governor replied with a string of non-sequiturs.

“In New Orleans, 90 percent of our kids are in charter schools.”

“It used to take 10 days to get a prescription if you were uninsured in Baton Rouge, and now it takes 10 minutes.”

“In ethics rankings we were bottom five for legislative disclosure, and now we’re in the top five.”
There's a parlor game going where we try and figure out which cabinet positions under the next Republican President Jindal has disqualified himself for before his little campaign.. or whatever this is has gotten off the ground. 

I was sure he was after that Secretary of Something Called Volcano Monitoring gig for a long while there.  But at this rate, it looks like he's running for Iraqi Information Minister.  (Yeah yeah "Baghdad Bobby".. I know. You can have that joke for free, though.) 

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Clay said...

Secretary of the Interior? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=svJXd9xxhv8