Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Everybody hates Bobby

Weird guy camps out on White House lawn and makes paranoid speech about mooslims or something.
WASHINGTON -- Gov. Bobby Jindal continued his attacks on President Barack Obama, proclaiming just outside the White House Monday (Februrary 23) that Obama is "unfit to be commander in chief" based on his refusal to commit resources needed to defeat and kill radical Islamic terrorists.

"I take no joy in saying that," Jindal said after he and other governors met with the president for nearly 90 minutes. "I don't say so for partisan or ideological reasons."

But he said a president who cannot call the enemy "radical Islamic terrorists," or is willing to rule out ground troops, except for very limited missions, isn't leading the United States to victory over a brutal enemy that he says only can be stopped by killing them.
In other news, Osama Bin Laden is still dead.

In other other news, Bobby Jindal's Presidential campaign is still dead in the water

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