Thursday, February 19, 2015

They do not suspect wrongdoing

Newell Normand Salutes Law Enforcement

That's a Krewe of Alla float from this year's parade on February 8. Technically parades aren't supposed to run ads for politicians. Not sure if "Sheriff Newell Normand Salutes Law Enforcement" crosses the line there but it does run right up to it.

Normand's office has trouble figuring out what crosses the line in other cases too.
Jefferson Parish law enforcement officials said Wednesday that they do not suspect wrongdoing on the part of an undercover sheriff’s deputy filmed last week punching a high school student in the face repeatedly as he attempted to detain the drunken teenager after a parade.

A widely circulating cellphone video, viewed tens of thousands of times online, raised questions about the degree of force used by the deputy, Detective Nicholas Breaux, who delivered four right hooks to the teen’s face as he lay on the ground, allegedly resisting arrest. A booking photo of the teen, 17-year-old Brady Becker, a student-athlete at St. Charles Catholic High School in LaPlace, showed two black eyes and other injuries to his face in the fracas.

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Alfred W. Bostick said...

In other words, they not only don't know anything, they don't even suspect something.