Saturday, February 28, 2015

What is the opposite of muckraking?

You hear a lot about how the professional media no longer exercises standards or decorum or whatever it is our supposedly anarchic, wisdom-deprived, gatekeeperless environment is missing now.  I think civility is another one.  We don't have that anymore either apparently.

Still somehow, we manage to keep a pretty good handle on which stories we are definitely not going to cover.
From the very beginning- the moment that public records surfaced revealing that Bill Cassidy claimed to be working in Baton Rouge on the same days he was voting in DC and that he failed to submit 75% of his time sheets (despite the explicit demand that he account for all of his work)- the Louisiana media has been absolutely, shamefully, epically derelict in its duties. They refused to ask the tough questions. They refused to hold him or LSU accountable. Two days ago, LSU released a report that it conducted itself; they called it an audit, and they implied it cleared Dr. Cassidy.

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